Welcome to the Observation Template Library alpha site

NatureServe continues to actively develop the template library tool. Functionality planned for upcoming releases include, advanced search and discovery capabilities, added support for logins, the implementation of security rules pertaining to the creation/editing of attributes and templates, and the implementation of versioning for improved lifecycle management of published templates.

Template Library alpha site

IMPORTANT NOTE: We strongly encourage those visiting this site to test drive the tool, experiment with its current features and provide feedback to us. As this is an alpha site, several features pertaining to template security and long-term maintenance have not yet been implemented. Therefore, any new templates created, as well as edits to existing templates, may be lost when this site is periodically refreshed, unless you contact us to make special arrangements to have them saved. By request, these templates will be added to the master list we maintain and will be made available to all template tool users. Instructions for submitting this request are provided through the following link;

Template Library Help Page

For more information on how you or your organization can use the template library tool or participate in its ongoing development please contact:

Rob Solomon


703 908-1873

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